Welcome to the family

Our family

Kien Hung original established that is a family business. From the top managers to workers is our family from the beginning. Therefore, the culture of our company is family culture that everyone in manufacturer is seen as the members of our second big family. This provides us the supporting each other and huge motivation for us in the journey from beginning until now. We are proud of our business is a big family and will bring this culture to make the best products to our customers.


Kien Hung employees

Because of the success of company, our employees is also the employer. This is the future generation of KIHUSEAVN and that is the reason that we value our talent people. Training system, motivation activities, self-assessment is also provided as the tools to help our employee to discover themselves to be great employees as well as promote themselves in their journey.


Training is one of the core activities for promote employees self-learning as well as support, contribute to their talents in company. This is one of the most important tools in order to help employees be able to prefect their skills quickly. 

Working Opportunity

Working in Kien Hung is the chance to understand more fully full of aspects of frozen and seafood and we are looking for people with passion in this kind of industry. This is the place where we can work together to bring convenience and healthy food to this planet.